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I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Commissioner Nash! Commissioner Nash has a proven record as a fighter for the residents of Muskegon County and will continue to provide the county services needed for Muskegon residents to thrive.

— Wayne County Chairwoman Alisha Bell

Muskegon workers deserve a commissioner who's committed to fighting for local workers, better wages and safer workplaces. Charles Nash has always stood up for labor and I am proud to endorse him. — Ryan Bennett Business Manager, West Michigan Plumbers, Fitters and Service Trades Local #174.

Commissioner Nash it is my pleasure support and encourage your continued representation of your district and service to Muskegon County. — Melvin Burns II

Commissioner Nash it's an Honor to give you an endorsement on your upcoming reelection, your integrity and concerns for all the citizens of Muskegon County is valued. We Thank You! — James Burton UAW Local 1243

It is an honor to endorse Commissioner Nash as we look forward to his continued representation and leadership in the community.  — Josi Canales LMSW, CAADC


Commissioner Charles Nash it is with great pleasure and pride that I offer my endorsement to you Sir, as you seek to retain your seat on our County Board.

— Louis Churchwell MS LLPC CADC

We support Commissioner Charles Nash to represent Muskegon County - District 6.

— West Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council


The Muskegon County Democratic Party has unanimously endorse the reelection of Charles Nash as County Commissioner District #6!

— Muskegon County Democratic Party

I have known Charles for several years and have witnessed his dedication to helping the people of Muskegon County. I am glad to offer my endorsement. — John Dennis

I have had the privilege of working with Commissioner Nash and seeing him in action. Commissioner Nash is not afraid to be a leader on the County Board and make the right decisions for Muskegon County. I fully support his re-election as Commissioner.

— DJ Hilson Muskegon County Prosecutor

Commissioner Nash it's an Honor to give you an endorsement on your upcoming reelection, your integrity and concern for our citizens of Muskegon County is incomparable. I Thank You For your service!

— Eric Hood, Vice Mayor - Muskegon City Commissioners


As a Democratic County Commissioner of District 6, Charles Nash has a robustly diverse constituency to represent. I have confidence that he votes with his finger on the pulse of his constituency and has always provided updates on the status of controversial issues. This serves to give notice to folks who wish to attend commissioner meetings to make comment and it ensures civic participation. In my opinion Commissioner Charles Nash is a leader we should value and keep in office.

— Josie James, Community Activist

Charles Nash is recognized as a compassionate leader in Muskegon County. He seeks to find common ground to ensure that public services are available and affordable to the people he is elected to serve. At the same time, he recognizes the needs of our more rural citizens.

— K.P. Mahoney, City Clerk, City of Montague

As a colleague on the County Commission, I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Charles Nash for the past decade to support a public investment policy agenda AND pay our bills. Together, we’ve ensured the fiscal integrity of county government, as we worked to maintain a Double A Bond Rating. Charles Nash has been a consistent stalwart in the delivery of efficient and effective government services for the citizens of Muskegon County. The people have a good friend and a caring leader in Charles Nash.

— Ken Mahoney, Muskegon County Commissioner District 9

Commissioner Charles Nash, Its an honor to give you our endorsement and support. We know that you will not only continue to represent the residents in District 6 with integrity. We know you will continue to fight for all residents of Muskegon County.

— Black Women's Political Caucus - Muskegon, Marianne H. Darnell-President

It is vital that we vote our values and support effective advocates for social justice, acceptance and economic opportunities for our beloved Muskegon County. Charles Nash is one of those individuals. He seeks new ideas, different perspectives, considers all possible outcomes for reasonable solutions. All the years that I have known Charles I have found qualities of great leadership in him. Our Muskegon County that we all call home, needs leadership that can lead us into the future. It is with great pleasure and honor that I throw my political support behind CHARLES NASH FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 6 in Muskegon County. 

— Tony Moulatsiotis Muskegon County Treasurer


It is with great pride and support that the members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 275 offer our endorsement of your candidacy. Of the many issues that surround any campaign, your beliefs and values regarding equity, fairness and collective bargaining are shared by the members of our local union. In order to further the prosperity of the working men and women of our region, we believe it is vital to offer our support in your election efforts. 

— International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local NO. 275

During my tenure I have always respected Commissioner Nash’s commitment to the safety and welfare of all of our county residence. As your County Sheriff I ask that you please join me in supporting Commissioner Charles Nash as District 6 County Commissioner. 

— Michael J. Poulin, Muskegon County Sheriff

I fully support re-electing County Commissioner Charles Nash. As a State Representative, I value Commissioner Nash's proven, steady leadership he provides to our county government.

— Terry Sabo State Representative 92nd District

I have observed Muskegon County Commissioner Charles Nash as he staunchly advocates for the residents of this County. Specifically, he has represented District 6 with integrity, expertise, passion and a keen sense of "doing the right thing" for his constituents and for the County. Let's make sure his good work continues by voting for Commissioner Charles Nash in the upcoming election!

— Asaline Scott, Community Leader & Advocate

I wholeheartedly support Charles Nash. He has been a staple in this Community, fighting for justice, equality for all and change. We need people in office who care about those they serve! Charles always has! His voice is a necessary one on the Board!

— Brianna Scott MSU Board Trustee

It’s an honor to endorse Commissioner Nash. He has been consistently advocating for Muskegan. We need more people like him in office. Continue to put your patch in the quilt for serving humanity! Sandy Smith

— Sandy Smith


As the Muskegon County Clerk, I enthusiastically endorse Commissioner Charles Nash in his race for reelection as County Commissioner, District 6. I have known him for several years and find him to be a hardworking person who is committed to serving the citizens of District 6. I know he will continue this same dedication especially during these tough times. 


— Nancy Waters, Muskegon County Clerk

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